Nampa Idaho


City Council Takes Another Step Toward a New Library

As you know, Nampans have been waiting for a new library for many years. In February, the Nampa Development Corporation named the Gardner Company as the Master Developer of the "Pivot Block." Since then, the Gardner Company has been working closely with the City and the Nampa Development Corporation, developing a contract and solidifying site plans.

Last night, the Nampa City Council passed a resolution that moved the City closer to a new library. City Council took the first step in a two part process to exchange the downtown block bordered by 12th Avenue South, 11th Avenue South, 2nd Street South and 3rd Street South (the "Pivot Block") for the new Hugh Nichols Public Safety Building.

The exchange will essentially transfer ownership of the Public Safety Building to the City of Nampa and will allow the Nampa Development Corporation to move forward with redevelopment plans for the block. The current plan is for the block to house the new library (woohoo!), a parking garage and office and retail space. The proposed transfer will be a straight property swap and will not include an exchange of cash.

Once the exchange is complete and the development contract with the Gardner Company is solidified, we look forward to releasing site renderings, concepts and hearing your input on the project.