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A Step Closer to the New Library: Mayor's E-News

There's an exciting article about the new library and pivot block development in this week's Mayor's e-news. If you haven't subscribed to the weekly newsletter yet, click here.

A Step Closer To New Library

From the Desk of Mayor Tom Dale:

Great things are happening in the City of Nampa. We have had several new restaurants open in the past couple of weeks. A warm welcome goes out to Del Taco, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, and Texas Roadhouse.

Speaking of good food, this Saturday is Meatballs with the Mayor, a spaghetti dinner and dessert auction to raise money for the Nampa Mayor’s Teen Council to help send a number of these incredible young men and women to a leadership conference in June. Just $5 for adults and $3 for kids 12 and under, it’ll be at Nampa High School Cafeteria, 5-7pm, February 25th. I hope to see you there.

Something many Nampa residents are hoping to see soon is a new library. There is some exciting progress and a new partnership formed for this endeavor. I have asked Cliff Long, Director of Economic & Community Development, to share the latest information with you.

From the Desk of Cliff Long, Nampa Economic Development Director
It is an exciting time for Nampa; we are one step closer to having a new library become a reality.

Gardner Company was chosen a couple of weeks ago by the Nampa Development Corporation to be the master developer for the library and what’s called the “pivot block” (the block where the old police station, fountain, old fire administration and soon to be empty utility billing building are located.) Gardner is a great fit for this project. The company has a reputation for having companies lined up to lease space before the buildings are built, which brings greater success to the projects. It also has a long list of majormixed-use projects, many of them local including: the Saltzer St. Luke’s Medical Plaza near the Treasure Valley Marketplace; the Portico in Meridian by St. Luke’s with medical offices, retail businesses, and restaurants; and the 8th and Main project in downtown Boise. To see more projects go to

Gardner will work with a library consultant to design a more spacious, functional library to serve an estimated 3000 patrons a day. Gardner is also tasked with designing the private portion of this project which could have a variety of mixed uses. A parking structure will be part of the development to accommodate the current 1000 plus daily library patrons, with room for more visitors, shoppers and restaurant customers. This new development is expected to encourage business growth and development downtown.

This project is moving into the design phase and you can be certain the Nampa Development Corporation and Gardner will provide opportunities for you to give input and feedback.

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State of the City 2012

Today, Mayor Dale delivered his 2012 State of the City address with a focus on perception, perspective and Nampa's progress. If you weren't able to attend, you can access a copy here.

NDC Chooses Gardner Company for Pivot Block Project

The Nampa Development Corporation has chosen Gardner Company as the master developer of the library and pivot block project in downtown Nampa.

Gardner Company has offices in Salt Lake City and Boise and has completed several major mixed-use projects locally, including the Saltzer St. Luke’s Medical Plaza near the Treasure Valley Marketplace in Nampa and The Portico at Meridian retail, medical and restaurant campus located at Eagle Rd. and Franklin Rd. Gardner is currently working on the 8th and Main project in downtown Boise.

Pictured below are the Ventana St. Luke's Saltzer Medical Plaza in Nampa and The Gateway mixed-use project in Salt Lake City.

The vote of approval yesterday now moves NDC into negotiations with Gardner Company in the coming months.

The project will include development of a new public library, parking structure and additional mixed-used private development to spur economic growth.

The pivot block is where the old public safety building, old fire administration building and Central Services are located, and is bordered by 12th Avenue South, 11th Avenue South, 2nd Street South and 3rd Street South. It is considered a “pivot block” because a large volume of traffic pivots around it.

The only building currently occupied on the block is Central Services, which will move into a new building by City Hall in a few months. Once the block is vacant, NDC will provide environmental remediation on the property and demolition of existing structures on the pivot block. The pivot block re-development will be NDC’s second large-scale development project, the first being the new Hugh Nichols Public Safety Building.

As we move forward with the process, we'll update the blog with timelines, public involvement opportunities and highlights. Idaho Press-Tribune coverage of NDC's meeting, including audio, here.

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Mayor's E-News

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Sorrento Lactalis Expansion

Today, the Lactalis American Group announced a $40 million production expansion at its Nampa Sorrento Lactalis facility. The expansion will result in about 70 new jobs (good news for Nampa's citizens and economy) and increase production of mozzarella from 7 million pounds to 31 million pounds per year (good news for cheese-lovers).

Sorrento currently partners with 58 local dairy farmers and purchases 85% of its dairy products from local and regional dairies. Construction is set to begin next month and production is expected to start in early 2013. Lactalis estimates the expansion will result in $250 million in annual revenue for local dairies.

More information can be found here.

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